Interview with Jude Filler


Jude Filler is a human rights advocate who spent over twenty years working and building relationships with incarcerated people on Death Row in Texas. In Tape 1, she discusses why she moved to Texas and joined Amnesty International; describes how she first became involved with individuals on Death Row and shares how her friendship with David Powell, an individual who is on Death Row, began. In Tape 2, Filler explains Powell’s methamphetamine addiction; the incident that put him on Death Row; discusses her work with murder victims; details her health issues and cancer and describes her experience witnessing Powell’s execution. In Tape 3, Filler relates her experience healing after Powell’s execution; shares memories of Powell’s time in prison; describes the sense of community on Death Row, then expounds on the poor conditions in the prison. In Tape 4, she explores Powell’s relationship with spirituality and religion; explains her position on the death penalty; describes corruption and injustice in the justice system; her experience with Powell’s trials and attorneys and then discusses the beginning of her relationship with David’s former cellmate, James Beathard. In Tape 5, Filler continues to describe her relationship with Beathard; explains the incident that put Beathard on Death Row; explains her career path and the toll Death Row work took on her; reacts to public opinion on the death penalty and describes why the death penalty is particularly difficult to change in Texas. In Tape 6, Filler discusses the role of fear in politics; describes the death penalty as a linchpin for moving toward justice in other areas of human rights; recounts stories of injustice suffered by incarcerated people on Death Row in Texas and describes her struggles trying to create change in the Texas justice system. These interviews took place on November 19 and 26 of 2010 in Jude Filler’s home in Austin, Texas, Travis County.