Interview with Anthony Evans

Anthony Evans shares his experience with police violence, his subsequent journey to recovery, and his spiritual beliefs.

This interview was conducted virtually by Sam Kirsch with Anthony Evans on May 24, 2023. Anthony Evans was born and raised in Austin, TX. He’s a deeply compassionate, family-oriented twin brother to Arthur, both of whom work in elder care. Anthony and Arthur made their way to downtown Austin on the day of May 31st, 2020, to protest, speak their piece, and listen to others. At around 9 PM, Anthony and Arthur got separated; and as Anthony was crossing the street, he was shot in his jaw with a so-called “less-lethal” round by the police. After regaining his balance, the adrenaline kicked in as he helped the woman next to him get to safety. In this interview, he recounts his long walk home, recovering alone in the hospital, overcoming challenges with food, and reflects on love and spirituality.

Sam Kirsch is an abolitionist who organizes his community to fight policing and prisons, and instead invest public resources into ending cycles of poverty and trauma.