Interview with Chris Tritico


Chris Tritico, a criminal defense attorney in Houston, Texas, has defended several clients charged with capital crimes, including Timothy McVeigh and Eric Nenno. He was also a legal analyst for several radio shows, including Hearsay and the Chris Tritico Show. In tape one, he discusses his early legal career, how lawyers (including himself) become involved in defending capital cases, as well as his involvement in the defense of Timothy McVeigh. He discusses the importance of ensuring McVeigh received a fair trial, even though he and all involved knew that McVeigh would receive a death sentence. He talks about being brought on to Eric Nenno’s case, and the investigative work that goes into post-conviction appeals. He describes his first visit to Texas Death Row, and his experience witnessing Nenno’s execution. In tape two, he discusses interacting with victims’ families, and what makes a good litigator. Tritico was interviewed on April 6, 2011, at his law office in Houston, Harris County, Texas.