Interview with Clifford Fuggett


Clifford Fuggett is a father, husband, and truck driver who was born and raised in Texas. TAVP first learned of Clifford through a video he posted to Youtube in which he searches for the unmarked gravesite of his father, Charles Milton, who was executed by the state of Texas in 1985. Clifford eventually found the gravesite, and at the time of this interview, is working to create a gravemarker for his father.

Through this video and others, Clifford uses online platforms to share the stories of his family, where thousands of followers are moved by his honesty, deep thoughtfulness, and natural storytelling abilities.

In his interview, Clifford discusses the importance of unconditional love and forgiveness, and shares about how these qualities have shaped his own life and his path towards understanding his family. Along with sharing the story of his father, Clifford also talks about trying to locate information about his mother, who has been missing since he was two years old. Clifford reminds us of the importance of closure and of the beautiful ways that community forms around legacy.

Joy Fuggett