Interview with Jim Buffington

Jim Buffington, Chief Operating Officer of Bridges To Life, shares how his life was impacted by violence and criminal justice system, and how it shaped his view on healing and forgiveness.

Jim Buffington is the Chief Operating Officer of Bridges To Life, a restorative justice program that centers its curriculum on the stories and experiences of people who have been affected by crime to heal and rehabilitate currently incarcerated individuals. In this interview, led by Chris Castillo, Jim shares his perspective on the path to healing and forgiveness. 

Jim describes how his life intersected with the criminal justice system, and discusses how his father’s incarceration and his mother’s death impacted many facets of his life, and describes the complicated nature of being the child of both a victim and an incarcerated individual. Jim chronicles his journey to forgiving his father and how it helped heal his family and influenced his involvement in working with Bridges To Life. Jim also describes the collaborative writing and documentation effort between him and his family which led to the publication of his book, Betrayed by Choices. Jim reflects on the importance of sharing stories with family, people affected by crime, and currently incarcerated individuals to create connections, build empathy, and heal individuals, to ultimately end cycles of violence and incarceration.