Interview with Lovinah Igbani


Lovinah Igbani-Perkins is an activist and student of social work, pursuing her master’s degree. As someone with a loved one on the inside, and with personal experience in the criminal justice system, Lovinah helped to organize a rally to improve TCDJ conditions in light of COVID-19 and was interviewed shortly after. She said, "We keep going, we keep planning, we keep strategizing. That means that there is no stopping until we see the change we know needs to happen. It is not a one-day event. We have to continue to go, we have to continue to build the momentum, continue to build the numbers, continue to do everything we can within our rights to make our voices heard, because I believe in my heart that as long as we don't give up we will succeed. We're going to make it happen, and I believe, I just know I can see it now. I just have this vision that what we're doing is not going to be in vain. Change is definitely gonna come from it, mark my words. I know it. I just feel it in my bones. I feel it in my soul. This is going to be different."