Interview with Margarita Luna

Maggie Luna discusses her 20 years spent overcoming a drug addiction, her experience with incarceration, and her path to regaining the rights to her child.

This interview was conducted virtually by Marci Marie Simmons with Maggie Luna on May 18, 2023 at 12:30pm. Maggie talks about how mass incarceration and substance misuse disorder affected her family and led to her losing custody of her children. Maggie discusses how community programs and support could have helped her prior to her incarceration. She also tells us about how she turned her past into her purpose through advocacy. This interview may be of interest to individuals who want to learn about family reunification and/or the ways in which substance misuse disorders are criminalized in the United States. Marci Marie Simmons is a formerly incarcerated woman and social media personality who uses her lived experiences to advocate for incarcerated people and prison reform.