Interview with Nadia Kerr

Nadia Kerr describes what imprisonment was like alongside her sister while her mother raised her children for her.

This interview was conducted virtually by Marci Marie Simmons with Nadia Kerr on March 24, 2023 at 12:11pm. Nadia had two small children when she was incarcerated at the same time as her sister. Nadia tells us about the mental and emotional anguish of being separated from her family. Nadia discussed the hardships her mother faced supporting her incarcerated daughters while being the primary caregiver of her grandchildren. This interview might be of interest to individuals wanting to know more about the negative affects of mass incarceration women on families and our communities and/or to those studying or learning about over sentencing. Marci Marie Simmons is a formerly incarcerated woman and social media personality who uses her lived experiences to advocate for incarcerated people and prison reform. Marci Marie also interviewed Nadia’s mother, Vickie Roberts, and sister, Kristan Kerr. Those interviews are available in the archive.