Interview with Scott Medlock


Scott Medlock is an attorney and the Director of the Prisoners Rights Program at the Texas Civil Rights Project. In Video 1, Medlock explains how he ended up working in this field. Working for a non-profit on prison issues, he explains the types of cases that he typically works with, describing a specific wrongful death case due to inadequate healthcare. He discusses problems in funding with prisons, hiring and maintaining a good prison staff and why plaintiffs are under pressure to settle cases. He talks about a case he worked on where an elderly woman died of pneumonia in the Dallas County Jail, he also describes a suicide case in Jasper County and a sexual abuse case with the Texas Youth Commission amongst many others. He talks about misconceptions of the types of people that get caught up in the criminal justice system. He talks about how his experience taught him about the challenges that people with physical and mental illness face when seeking adequate healthcare in Texas prisons and jails. This interview took place on July 1, 2010 at the Texas Civil Rights Project office in Austin, Travis County, Texas