Interview with Tammy Anderson


Tammy Anderson is the mother of Anthony Guy Fuentes, who was executed by the State of Texas on November 17, 2004. Fuentes, with three other men, robbed a convenience store in Houston on February 18, 1994.  In the course of this robbery, someone fatally shot Robert Tate. In 1996, a Harris County jury convicted Fuentes of capital murder and sentenced him to death. Two co-defendants, Steven Vela and Kelvin Templeton, were convicted of aggravated robbery and sentenced to sixteen and fifteen years in prison respectively. Fuentes maintained his innocence through the day of his death. He asked his mother to prove his innocence, but Anderson does not know how to go about doing so and also lacks resources. In this interview, Anderson talks about Anthony as a child and teenager, his turn to Christianity while in prison, and his ability to make friends even on Death Row.  She also describes family relationships, gatherings in which the family and friends remember Anthony, her grief, and life since Anthony’s execution. This interview took place on July 28, 2009 in Houston, Harris County, Texas.